Things We do and Love!

We love to create and bake in the kitchen and share them to our families and friends! Making people happy and smile with a bite of delicious baked treats, also makes us happy! Although we’ve traveled extensively and had different jobs, we still found our way back to our passion and love! Nowadays, we use our background to create unique and tasty treats for everyone to enjoy!

We love local!

Central Ohio is blessed with many great local farms and producers, and we try to support them by using their products in our own baked goods and confections! Local is always better in quality and its wholesome!

Here are some of the local farms and producers that we partner with:

Eggs, Butter and Milk:

Cherokee Bison Farm (Perry County), Hartzler Farms, Indian Creek Farms.


Conrad Hives and Honey Bee

Seasonal Fruits and Berries:

Branstool Orchards, Siegrist Farms, Roots Fruits and Shoots