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Bite-size delights! Uniquely Created in Newark, Ohio

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Crispelines _________________________

Deliciously dainty but big in flavor, these pastries are light, chewy in the middle with a slight crispy outside.

Classic Crispelines are a medley of dacquoise almond wafer sandwiches with decadent and rich gourmet milk caramel made in a traditional “yema” method.

Choco Crispelines have the same light almond wafers as Classic Crispelines dusted with real cocoa and a tasty yema center for those who enjoy a touch of chocolate.

Crispeline Classic

Choco Crispeline

Denny Bites _________________________

Soufflé? Brownie? Nope, it’s the Denny bites!

It has the crusty top like that of a soufflé and the chewy chocolaty goodness of the American brownie.

We even kick it up a notch by adding in dried cranberries that are steeped in dark rum.

Denny Bites

Nerkarons _________________________

This truly is a Newark, OH original! Nutty, chewy, all American delight!

Full of Walnuty Goodness


La Patricia _________________________

These are rustic chocolate fudge truffles with a hint of peanut butter.

Inspired by our mom Patty’s classic all time favorite fudge. All made from scratch!

La Patricia